Nirvana Yoga is an oasis of calm.

A place to escape to and feel supported as you explore what yoga has to offer you.
Offering a variety of yoga classes, suitable for any level student,
Nirvana Yoga's certified instructors are there for support and encouragement as you improve
your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Established in 2009, and located in the Historic Stagecoach Building in Richfield, Ohio.
Nirvana Yoga is a Hatha Yoga studio serving the Cleveland/Akron area.

We welcome you to visit Nirvana Yoga for relaxation and revitalization of body and mind.

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Nirvana Yoga by Appointment
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Employee Wellness Programs
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Yoga & Kids are the perfect match!

Yoga is for all ages, offering
physical, mental and emotional benefits!

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REQUIRED to attend class

We offer a unique yoga experience
unlike any other studio in the area!  
Class sizes are limited to insure that
you get personalized yoga instruction.  

To reserve a spot in class:
Contact the
studio with the class day and time you
wish to attend. You will receive a
response regarding available space in
class. Reservations can also be made
while you are at the studio.
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